Trends in digital learning:

The emerging role of the agile school principal as a digital evangelist and instructional leader

This year's digital learning report, created in partnership with Project Tomorrow, includes new survey data from over half a million K-12 students, parents, educators, and community members. This year, we explore the emerging role of school principals as the New Learning Leader.

Download your copy today to gain a deeper understanding the six key priorities that are essential in creating and sustaining a new culture of personalized learning at your school or district:

  1. Create a vision for digital learning at your school
  2. Model professional learning with teachers
  3. Ensure all students have access to anytime, anywhere learning
  4. Enable ubiquitous connectivity, both at school and at home, for all students
  5. Advocate for a diversity of approaches and strategies to meet learners where they are
  6. Communicate a shared vision within the school community